Steelcoat™ Commercial Grade Sealcoat

Specially designed to extend the life of parking lots, driveways, playgrounds, streets and airports.

Steelcoat™ is designed to restore minor road pavement surface profile loss; and to permanently seal all asphaltic concrete surfaces against accelerated deterioration from tire abrasion, sun, wind, rain and mild chemical attack. Manufactured by JB Industrial at their Billings production facility, Steelcoat™ commercial grade sealcoat can be described as an asphalt coating that is:

  • water dispersed
  • polymer modified
  • slate and mineral filled
  • black cementious asphalt coating

With minimal dilution with potable water, it can be easily applied with proper heavy-duty commercial spray equipment, or by hand in smaller quantities.

When properly applied it will provide a thick, jet black, non-skid protective surface coating that will protect your new asphalt investment or tie together a badly raveled and worn surface.

Surface Preparation and Application

All cracks larger than 1/8″ must be cleaned and filled to a level surface with a cold or hot pour crack sealant prior to sealcoating.

Note: It is recommended that new asphalt be allowed to cure for at least 30 days before sealcoating.

Apply only onto clean, dry or damp surfaces from which all contaminates have been removed; i.e. oil spots, loose traffic paint, etc. Areas upon which a high build-up of grease or loose paint exists shall be scraped, wire brushed and then torch prepared to completely eliminate the contaminate from the underlying, sound asphaltic substrate. Prior to application it is recommended that these treated areas be further prepared by surface priming with an approved spot primer.

Where surface profile restoration of divots, depressions or slightly off grade areas is desired Steelcoat™ may first be mixed with 20 mesh sand to a thick paste consistency then placed into the low areas and troweled smooth. These areas should be allowed to cure prior to surfacing the balance of the project.

Steelcoat™ is supplied in a high viscosity, semi-paste consistency to insure anti-settling properties. It is recommended that the applicator dilute concentrate approximately 20-25% depending on outside temperature. Do not over-dilute this product as this will diminish the anti-settling ability of product and could possibly diminish the useful qualities of its cured finish product.

Spread Rates

Spread rates depend on porosity of asphalt in which product is to be applied. Typically smooth asphalt with a concentrate dilution rate of 20% in 70º weather will cover 70-75 sq. ft. per gallon per coat; medium surface will cover 60-70 sq. ft. per coat; and rough surface will cover 50-60 sq. ft. per coat.

It is always our recommendation to use two coats and occasionally three in high traffic areas such as drive approaches, drive lanes and entrances.

For exceptionally rough areas add 2-3 pounds of #70 mesh silica sand per gallon of Steelcoat™. Note: When traveling with silica sand in material, always keep continual agitation on in storage vessel until reaching destination, as settling may occur.

Application Temperature

For best results apply this product during daylight hours, at surface and air temperatures above 50º and rising with no snow, rain or heavy dew in the forecast for at least 24 hours. Nighttime temperatures should not be below 40º 24 hours before or after application. Immediately clean tools, hoses and any spills with water after application.

The Asphalt Sealcoat Materials, as manufactured, undiluted, except as noted, conforms to the following requirements:

Mix Max Method
Weight (per gallon) 10.5 lbs. A.S.T.M. D244
Cone Penetration 3-10 mm 700 A.S.T.M. D217
% Non-Volatile 50 *ASMAA-1
% Non-Volatile Soluble 10 35 A.S.T.M. D2042
in Tri-Clorethylene Wet Track Abrasion 35 gram loss A.S.T.M. D3910
Mineral Aggregate Components #16 Sieve 100% passing A.S.T.M. C136
Dried Film Color Viscosity Black 75KREB A.S.T.M. D562
Accelerated Weathering No Deterioration Fed Spec TT-C-555B
Residual at 300-400º 50% 65%

*weigh 10 grams of homogenous product into a previously weighed small ointment can. Place in a constant temperature oven at 325ºF for 90 minutes. Cool, reweigh and calculate non-volatile components.

Due to the wide range of variables affecting the results of application, such as weather conditions, application methods, equipment, and quality of other materials, there is no warranty, expressed or implied by JB Industrial, that following this specification, or using the materials covered thereby, will assure satisfactory results.