Industrial Outlet

JB Industrial’s retail outlet at our manufacturing facility at 5123 Jellison Rd, Billings, MT carries a wide assortment of supplies and materials for your own asphalt maintenance programs. In addition to the products below,¬†JBI also stocks a limited quantity of used products such as cones, signs, and candles at discounted prices.

JB Industrial is a dealer for Marathon Equipment Inc. This extensive product line includes asphalt haulers, melting kettles, mastic mixers, hot air lances, crack routers, tack sprayers, sealcoat applicators, and asphalt sprayers for the commercial, industrial, and municipal markets. JB Industrial carries a full line of Little Wonder blowers and vacuums for asphalt cleaning and maintenance. Marshalltown products include squeegees, squeegee heads, seal coating brooms, wirehead brooms and wooden handles. We carry Traffix Devices Inc. safety and traffic control equipment including cones, barricades, signs, and paddles.