Crack Sealants

JBI is the only authorized distributor in the state of Montana for crack sealant products produced by Deery American Corporation.

Deery produces a wide range of crack sealing products designed to meet various specifications and application requirements. In addition to crack sealants for asphalt applications, Deery also manufactures products designed for use on concrete.

Mastic products designed for use on more serious surface flaws round out the lineup of Deery’s proprietary formulas. When the damage has progressed beyond the limits of sealing or filling, you need Deery Repair Mastic®. Mastics go down easy, wear long, and are smooth riding. Formulated to deliver a durable, load bearing patch, they’ve become a FAA top choice for jet aircraft runways. Deery Repair Mastic®…your best bet for a long wearing patch that outperforms traditional concrete or asphalt patching materials.

JBI staff are experts at crack sealing technology and can help you select the formula that will work best for your particular application.