Coal Tar Sealer

Ready-to-Use/Federal Grade/Sand Mix

Meets or Exceeds the RP 355E Federal Specification

Coal tar sealants are another option when it comes to asphalt maintenance. These sealants utilize coal tar (a by-product of baking coal to produce coke) as a base rather than asphalt. Coal tar sealants are used extensively on airports due to their resistance to jet fuel. JBI is a reliable supplier of several different coal tar products.


Coal Tar Sealer consists of highly refined clay slurries that are milled with coal tar pitch and selected emulsifying agents. This exclusive milling process is far superior to batch methods as it completely homogenizes the finished products, eliminating sag flow, blistering and color variation.

Physical Data

Coal tar Sealer shields asphalt surfaces from the damaging elements of weather and protects against the harmful effects of chemicals and petroleum products. Coal Tar Sealer exceeds Federal Specification R-P355e and ASTM Specifications D-3320. Federal Grade requires 15% to 25% dilution with water, depending on climate and weather conditions.


Coal Tar Sealer may be applied by brush, squeegee, or mechanical equipment. The pavement must be sound, as well as being free of dirt, dust, clay, sand, vegetation, and all other loose materials. Particular attention must be given to the treatment of petroleum residues. All holes, crumbled areas, and cracks should be repaired before sealing. Ambient temperatures should be at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit and rising for application. Latex modifier is recommended at 1% to 2% by volume. 70 mesh silica sand is recommended at 1-4 lbs. per gallon to insure skid resistance.


45-60 square feet per gallon based on the recommended two coat application. The exact coverage will depend on the application method and the existing asphalt surface condition.

Drying Time

The first coat will dry to the touch in a few hours. The second coat may be applied when the first coat is dry to the touch. The final coat will dry overnight under ideal conditions (70 degrees Fahrenheit 50% humidity).


Tools may be cleaned with water before material use. Once dry, solvent such as xylene or tolulene must be used. For hands and skin, use a waterless hand cleaner.


Five (5) gallon pails, fifty-five (55) gallon drums, and bulk quantities.


Coal Tar Sealer must be kept from freezing. Allow new surfaces or patches to cure 30 days before sealing. If the sealed lot is to be striped, a latex traffic paint is recommended since oil base paints will bleed and discolor. Do not apply if rain is imminent.

Crack Sealants

JBI is the only authorized distributor in the state of Montana for crack sealant products produced by Deery American Corporation.

Deery produces a wide range of crack sealing products designed to meet various specifications and application requirements. In addition to crack sealants for asphalt applications, Deery also manufactures products designed for use on concrete.

Mastic products designed for use on more serious surface flaws round out the lineup of Deery’s proprietary formulas. When the damage has progressed beyond the limits of sealing or filling, you need Deery Repair Mastic®. Mastics go down easy, wear long, and are smooth riding. Formulated to deliver a durable, load bearing patch, they’ve become a FAA top choice for jet aircraft runways. Deery Repair Mastic®…your best bet for a long wearing patch that outperforms traditional concrete or asphalt patching materials.

JBI staff are experts at crack sealing technology and can help you select the formula that will work best for your particular application.